GIDIRUSH is designed to suit all your courier needs. We deliver packages of all shapes and sizes – from small items (lipstick) to gift coupons, foodstuff and large items (fridges).

Our licensed and professional GidiBikers make shipping super easy by picking up packages from your place of business, with guaranteed next-day delivery to your customer.

Alternatively you can walk into your neighborhood GIDIRUSH center, where your package will be processed for delivery.

Don’t worry! Our GidiBiker will reschedule the delivery as early as the next working day or the next available date convenient for your customer. We have set out 3 Attempts for every packages we process.

GIDIRUSH Bikers offer both cash-on-delivery and point-of-sale (PoS) payment options, so you can rest assured that packages are paid for as delivery takes place.

We will remit your money the following day. We pay daily without delay even on weekends.

GIDIRUSH offers the most competitive and affordable rates with no minimum delivery requirement. Contact us for customized quotes for all your logistics needs. Our Pricing is second to non in Nigeria

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